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Thanks to all who joined us and supported Porch Fest June 5th and 6th, 2021. We hope to make this an annual event.
The virtual art walk will continue to be available. Please support our local artists and businesses.


Thanks to Bobbi Jordan for sharing this gallery of her pictures of Porch Fest 2021!

Porchfest logo.jpeg

Thanks to Our Sponsors

Rotary Club, Sitka Americorps, True Value Hardware, Visit Sitka/Chamber of Commerce, White's Pharmacy

Sitka Soup, Alaska's Blue-Eyed Bear, and the Mean Queen


Art Walk Businesses: Abby's Reflection, Alaska Blue-Eyed Bear, Artist Cove, Galanin + Klein, Gallery by the Sea, Harry Race Pharmacy, Island Artists Gallery, Old Harbor Books, Raven's Hook, Sitka Lighthouse Co., The Beak Restaurant, and Visit Sitka.


Food Vendors: Reindeer Red Hot Dogs, Maribel’s Empanadas, Cotton Candy Cart, Sitka Swirls, Ashmo’s, Hog Hole, Grace’s Fry Bread, Ye Taco-Loco, Fresh Fish Cart, Fish and Chips at the Moose Lodge


Individuals volunteered time and money to make this event possible. We couldn't have done this without you! 

Porch Fest Committee Members: Dixon Elegant, Rain Van Den Berg, Pat Kehoe, Bobbi Jordan, Jeanne Stolberg, Bryan Lovett and Charlie Morgan. Porch Fest Maps designed by Anna Laffrey. Porch Fest logo designed by Lee House.

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